Thread subject: Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders :: 29 May 2010 Ironbutt Ride

Posted by andyman on 04/09/2010 16:52

I think we'll be back home earlier than that. I'm thinking 9 pm at the latest.

My first IBA ride in 2004 took 16 hrs, 17 minutes, avg speed was 61 mph including stops. Because I did it on a Friday I routed myself back on 290 from Junction on in so as to avoid rush hour traffic in San Antonio. Not staying on interstate the whole way cost me at least an hour.

The speed limit on I-10 was 75 back then and now it's 80. And being that this ride will be on a Saturday the rush hour in SA won't be much of a factor so on the return we'll stay on I-10 to 35 in SA, then north.

The biggest reason for leaving so early in the morning is to try and be home before dark. It's safer to ride in the dark when you're rested than when you've got 15+ hrs of road fatigue.

If we're rolling by 0400 I'd think we very well may be home and in our own beds by 2100.

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