Thread subject: Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders :: 29 May 2010 Ironbutt Ride

Posted by andyman on 04/01/2010 02:20

Plans are in the works for a Texas Saddlesore 1000 Ironbutt ride on May 1st. 1000 miles within the state in under 24 hours. We'll do it in around 17 hrs. It's not as difficult as it sounds, y'all. If you're interested send me a Private Message or shout out here.

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Posted by scooterjr on 04/01/2010 05:16

Thanks for posting this...
I am in for sure !!!

Posted by andyman on 04/07/2010 14:36

We need to get together for our ride meeting in a week or 2. Can we hook up on Saturday the 24th? Nothing really fancy or super detailed, I just want to share some tips, tricks and suggestions. There won't be a lot of verbal communication once we get rolling on the 1st.

Lemme know when's (and where's) good for ya!

Posted by andyman on 04/09/2010 02:10

Ironbutt pre-trip meeting at Twin Peaks on Stassney, Saturday April 24th at 1530 hrs. Anyone interested in making this ride, come on down!

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Posted by scooterjr on 04/09/2010 05:14

I will be there...
Really looking forward to this.
If anyone at all is interested in doing this with Andy and I it could be a lot of fun!! So far what we have come up with is, Leave Austin between 03:00 and 04:00, travel down IH35 to San Antonio, hit IH10 to Van Horn, then Return. If all goes well, we shoud be back in Austin around 22:30.

Posted by andyman on 04/09/2010 16:52

I think we'll be back home earlier than that. I'm thinking 9 pm at the latest.

My first IBA ride in 2004 took 16 hrs, 17 minutes, avg speed was 61 mph including stops. Because I did it on a Friday I routed myself back on 290 from Junction on in so as to avoid rush hour traffic in San Antonio. Not staying on interstate the whole way cost me at least an hour.

The speed limit on I-10 was 75 back then and now it's 80. And being that this ride will be on a Saturday the rush hour in SA won't be much of a factor so on the return we'll stay on I-10 to 35 in SA, then north.

The biggest reason for leaving so early in the morning is to try and be home before dark. It's safer to ride in the dark when you're rested than when you've got 15+ hrs of road fatigue.

If we're rolling by 0400 I'd think we very well may be home and in our own beds by 2100.

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Posted by markwells on 04/09/2010 21:16

Get up at o'dark thirty, hit the road at 4 am, do 17-18 hrs of interstate riding, stop for nothing but gas pumps and dirty restrooms on the trip. Man, what a blast!!!!!

Sorry fellas, I still just don't get it.

Posted by andyman on 04/10/2010 03:03

'Tain't for everybody. Kinda like mountain climbing, some of us just do it because it's there. Besides, bein' a scooter tramp is fun!

The next major one I want to do is a 50cc: 50 hours, coast to coast. One of these years I'll do it.

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Posted by Skid on 04/10/2010 06:35

I think I figured it out. It's all of those years smelling jet fuel fumes! It did something to brother Andy! (I'm not sure about Frank; he seems like such a normal boy). God bless ya'll and I hope you have a great time! :D


Posted by andyman on 04/10/2010 07:30

LMAO, Kelly! You may be right! Heck, I was born on the side of a runway- at the on base hospital at Norton AFB, lived on an AFB until I was 12. I enlisted in the AF when I was 17. 6 months after getting out I got on with SWA. I guess I've been huffin' those fumes for 43 of my 48 years.

It doesn't show does it <twitch/ shiver>?

Posted by markwells on 04/10/2010 09:10

Ha, good one Kelly, you may be on to something. All those years around aircraft and airports also explains Andy's impressive command of acronyms!

As for Frank, he sure does SEEM normal....

Seriously, you guys have a fun and safe ride. If you should stumble upon the meaning of life somewhere along the way, clue us in, will ya?

Posted by scooterjr on 04/10/2010 09:58

Kelly, thanks for the NORMAL statement, I'll try to improve on that!!!
Mark "meaning" ??? Does everything have to have one, or could JUST DO IT fit in here !!!
Wish you guys would join us, could be some awesome male bonding... or just plain bonding.
Have a GREAT DAY, it is a great day for a ride to South Texas... Leaving shortly for some "bonding"

Posted by bonesdaddy on 04/10/2010 19:35

jet fuel,ahhhh nothing better.NORMAL well i should think bout that myself.hi yaw

Posted by andyman on 04/20/2010 14:10

IBA pre trip meeting postponed until Sunday, 25 April. Same time (1530), same place (Stassney Ln. Twin Peaks).

Hope to see some folks there!

Posted by scooterjr on 04/23/2010 10:13

I will be there, and for all of you that are still on the fence about whether or not to go, feel free to show up, if nothing else we could have a good visit.

Posted by Skid on 04/23/2010 13:05

Frank, I've been trying to figure out what this ride must feel like and you've hit the nail on the head. "Sitting on the fence", that's got to be it! It must feel like straddling a fence (or a post) for 17-20 hours. Thanks for the mental picture and now I can emphatically and without reservation say, "Oh Hell No!"

Posted by scooterjr on 04/23/2010 13:16

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, where is your sense of adventure?
What better thing could you do with ANY day than spend it on your scooter?

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Posted by andyman on 04/23/2010 13:34

Couldn't have put it any better than that, Frank.

Ya know, the IBA has been around since the 1970's. I'm not sure what the membership count currently is, but there are probably only about 25,000 world wide. Now, there have been many many more people who have done 1,000 miles in under 24 hours, but in order to be IBA you have to document everything and have witnesses sign forms. Pretty exclusive company to be in. And the thing is, it's not that damn difficult if you love riding.

The best part is, people think you're nuts for doing such a thing!

Posted by markwells on 04/23/2010 22:12

Andyman wrote:
The best part is, people think you're nuts for doing such a thing!

Well, I did have my suspicions before this came up....:D

Not going to argue the pros and cons here, but sounds like it comes down to what "being on the scooter" means to folks. Just can't fathom all those hours on the IH, with no stops to see the sites and enjoy a leisurely meal. But hey, live and let live I say.

Posted by scooterjr on 04/27/2010 14:08

Just an update, our meeting went very well. I am sure glad we had the meeting because there are a lot of details that have to happen for the certification. I know how a lot of you like to show up for missions and events and don’t feel a need to respond to anyone of your intentions (Like me). That is absolutely fine on just about anything else, but on this, if you plan to attend you need to talk to either Andy or me. Please feel free to holler at either one of us if you plan to go with us. If not, see y’all when we get back.
Ride Safe!!

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Posted by scooterjr on 05/01/2010 01:57

As bad as we hate this, we have posponed our trip, to many t-storms along the route.
We are planning for a re-do on the 29th of May if anyone would like to join us.
Hope to see some of you at the mission in G-town this afternoon.

Posted by scooterjr on 05/29/2010 22:03

Several have asked so I thought I would bring you up to date...
First of all y'all all missed an awesome day of riding.
Andy was waiting on me at Oltorf in Austin so I got a few more miles. I left Georgetown at 02:50 met Andy, we did the deal, left Andy in Buda, arrived in Elgin at 19:45.
From Chock to Chock we averaged 64 mph, moving time we averaged 74.7
You have to do at least 1000 miles in under 24 hours.
Mission Accomplished, we did slightly more in under 16 hours.
If you like to ride, this is a really neat thing to do.
Maybe next year more will join us, (Mark, Kelly, Dennis, etc.)...
Couldn't have been a better day, Captain Andy led the team with the utmost of professionalism, I just followed along and did as I was told, ya know how it goes, give me a flag and tell me where to stand.

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Posted by RocketMan on 05/30/2010 05:03

Too cool Guys. We're waiting to hear the real details.

Posted by andyman on 05/31/2010 01:23

LOL, Gerry. Frank described it pretty much to the tee. It couldn't have gone any more smoothly. If you've ever thought about getting an Ironbutt certification now's the time to do it. The long hours of daylight means that by leaving early in the morning gets you home during daylight. Shoot down 35 to SA then take 10 west and enjoy the 80 mph speed limit from Kerrville to Van Horn. Including an hour and 48 min's of downtime for gas stops (and caffienne!) we rolled past 1000 miles in right at 15 hours. It's not that darn difficult.

I still think this would make a great annual event and maybe even a PGR fundraising opportunity. Get a dime a mile pledge from friends/ family and collect 10 bucks. Get 10 folks to do this and add 100 to our coffers for new flags, mission water etc...

I think Frank's ready to get another certified ride in today, I'm already planning my next, too. Check out for rules and rides.

Posted by W5SMP on 06/01/2010 07:19

How far do you go between fillups?

Posted by scooterjr on 06/01/2010 08:00

W5SMP wrote:
How far do you go between fillups?

Here are my milages between stops...
155,126, 144, 121, 119, 110, 143, 176.
The lower milages were because we were running the speed limit, out there it is 80, plus we were bucking a pretty strong head wind.
We HAD to stop because we were out of gas. By the way, that was the only reason we ever stopped was to fill up, and GO !!!!
Thanks for asking.