Thread subject: Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders :: Billy Mark Martin, 70, USMC/Vietnam veteran, Georgetown, TX, 14 JAN 2019

Posted by keithlongacre on 01/14/2019 19:32

In spite of the cold & wind, we had 10 true Americans standing a flag line for this Viet Nam veteran Marine. We also had 3 Marines from the local Marine Corps League detachment attending the service. At the start of service, FD, Brandy, relayed the family really wanted a PGR flag escort to the cemetery. So 3 of us stayed & attended the service while Warren went home to get his trik. ( all the way to Burnett ). Shortly after 1 o'clock, Joe, & I led the hearse, while Warren follow putting his flags right in front of the family. Thanks to Don & Marine, Chuck K. for pre posting US & Marine flags. What a visual.

Thank you Martin family for giving us the privilege & honor of serving you is this special way. Like Billy, "I Can Only Imagine." God Bless.