Thread subject: Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders :: 2019 TX Gathering of the Guard, 05 - 07 April 2019

Posted by markwells on 04/07/2019 20:04

What a great weekend we enjoyed with fellow Texas PGR. The unsettled weather across the state kept some away, but the 70 or so attendees had a great time nonetheless. It didn't actually rain on us at the resort until we were packing up to leave on Sunday.

We were touched beyond words by an address after dinner on Saturday by Jodie Missildine, a Gold Star Mom who with her husband drove over from east Texas to be with us. My goodness, I've been doing this PGR thing for 13 yrs, and I do not think I have been so profoundly moved by a testimony from the other side of the flag line. Thank you, Jodie & Mike!

Everything went more smoothly than I could have hoped, thanks in most part to the outstanding work from our GOTG "committee". As you can imagine there are many tasks big and small to be covered, and with this group if it needed to be done it got done!

Thank you to the Austin PGR folks who made this so enjoyable: Warren & Marilyn Longacre, Keith & Linda Longacre, Soup & Nikki Campbell, & John & Patsy Wiley.

The breakfasts and BBQ dinner got a two thumbs up from everyone. Plenty of delicious food and drinks for everyone, thanks to John & Patsy who lined that up. And who knew Soup Campbell was such an entertaining and effective auctioneer? Sorry, Soup, the word is out now, expect a call from Centex who is hosting next year!

Keith provided a perfect close to the weekend with his devotional service on Sunday morning after breakfast. There is no one who can translate the spiritual side of what we do better than Keith.

As for the auction, we had a lot of fun raising money to support the Texas PGR across the state. The last item, the custom made quilt provided by the ladies at St Phillips UMC Round Rock quilting ministry, went for $900. That's great for sure, but what happened after that borders on the miraculous. I will not attempt to describe how the evening ended except to say that those in attendance were blessed beyond measure to see it.

Yours Respectfully,

Mark Wells
Deputy State Captain, Austin Region
Patriot Guard Riders

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