Thread subject: Austin Area Patriot Guard Riders :: LCpl Cody R. Stanley, 21, KIA, US Marine, Lockhart, TX

Posted by andyman on 11/05/2009 11:03

Another tear jerker in small town, Texas. We had around 100 motorcycles today- I lost count at 59, many more arrived after I had that total. A channel 7 news guy who was on the side of 183 as we passed told me it took over 3 minutes for the procession to pass.

Edited to add: Among the 100 Riders were folks from as far away as Baytown (near Houston) and all over central and south Texas. We had over 20 first timers and one active duty among us. And in addition to to the 100 bikes, we had 3 cages. What a turnout!

The city of Lockhart was out in force. A couple of miles before we got into town, there were vehicles and people with flags lining the roadway. Folks were shoulder to shoulder and 5 deep around the town square as we lapped it en route to the Funeral Home.

It was a good, safe mission.

Many thanks to all who attended and helped make this happen. We made a positive difference in a family's time of horrible grief. We done good, y'all. I'm proud to have been with you on this day.

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