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LEO Escorts in Austin
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Posted on 04/16/2012 17:29

Posts: 451
Joined: 04.02.09


Recently during a mission where Austin P.D. officers were escorting us, we were advised of a policy change given them for use during the escorts.
Officers will no longer be able to enter an intersection on a red light to secure streets and move traffic for the procession, even if they are using lights and sirens. They and the procession must stop until the light turns green, then they can take and hold the intersection until all processional vehicles are clear.
If the lead funeral car approaches an intersection with a green light displayed, and there is no officer in the intersection, the lead car must STOP and wait for the arrival of an officer. This would prevent the procession from being split should the light change before an officers arrival.

Obviously, this change has occurred in an effort to provide more safety for the officers and funeral participants. However, it will result in more stops along a route than we are used to, depending on the number of officers assigned, size of the procession, and route taken., etc.

Other police agencies may have adopted this policy as well. Our job is to be alert for these possibilities, maintain a good situational awareness, and help avoid dangerous risks on these rides.

We have an outstanding safety record, and a great reputation with those who escort us. I attribute this to the fact that everyone helps in the safety arena. Thanks for what you do!
Crazy Horse
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Posted on 04/24/2012 16:03

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This did not apply for the police officer going to San Angelo?
Riding in memory of my grandson JediMax !R.I.P.
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