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FAQ: General Questions
Why do I not see a photo album?
Log on, see the Thread, Website questions.
Or if you just want to see pictures now, Under Web Links there are choices for Photo Sites.

Where can I start a new Thread?
First you have to be logged on, then there are two places that members can start there own thread.
1. A place to shoot the bull
2. Rides/ Fun Things
Theses are both open forums for all members.

What Threads can I post to?
Again, you must be logged on, if you can see the thread, you can post to it.

Where should I post a Question?
Depends on the question, There is a Forum called "A Place to Shoot the Bull". In that Forum are two threads, one is Website Questions, the other is New Member Questions.
If it doesn't fall in either category, create your own thread with the question as the subject.

Is the shout box a good place to ask a question?
Not really, the shout box only shows the last 10 shouts. If you ask a question that is going to be asked again it will disappear and no one else will benefit from your question.
Again the best place for questions is in a discussion forum.

What is the mission protocol and basic duties for Austin?
Austin Area Patriot Guard members;

In the last few months there have been a few questions concerning the routing of mission requests, their approval or non-approval, who do I contact, etc. So, the question is, just how do we have things set up here, and who does what, when? The following information should help clear up any misunderstandings of this type and give a better view of how our system works. It will tell you whom to contact if you are called by a friend/relative asking for PGR attendance at any event, where this information goes first and when it leaves the DSC, basic duties of each position, etc.

Present Positions and Basic Duties

Deputy State Captain (DSC) - Oversees all PGR activity in the Austin Region, receives and approves/disapproves all mission requests for this area, coordinates with the State Captain and other state DSC's, controls the KIA mission coins and donations to the region, and performs as a Ride Captain (RC).
Austin Region DSC is Mark Wells, mwells2@austin.rr.com

Ride Captains (RC) - A Ride Captain receives a mission from the DSC and is responsible for the PGR activities the day of the mission, including staging, PGR parking, flag line placement and timing, and coordination with the funeral home, law enforcement, and others regarding the procession and route. The RC assures the mission is conducted in a respectful and safe manner from staging through completion. The RC for the mission should post a short summary of the mission on the completed mission forum of the Austin website, after the mission is complete.

Webmaster - Sets up a website with sections and forums for members to access to receive information on missions, other PGR events and Non-PGR events, calendar with events for their planning purposes, chat areas, etc. He is the technical adviser and assists all members with navigating the site, posting in authorized areas, problems they might encounter, etc. He keeps the site operational and coordinates with the provider.
Austin Region Webmaster is Frank James: Frank.james@fojit.com

Mission Protocol

All requests for PGR attendance, regardless of mission type or nature, are to be sent to the DSC for approval. Depending on the request, it will be placed on the Watch List on the website. Once confirmed and approved, it will be sent to Operations and placed in the Confirmed Missions forum. Members can make posts to that forum if they wish.

If you have a question about the approval or non-approval of a mission request, please contact the DSC for the region in which the mission would occur.

When this protocol is followed, the info flows smoothly and provides maximum time available for everyone to complete their duties for the mission requested.

Thank you all for honoring our service men and women, and their families in their time of mourning the loss of a loved one. You make a difference that counts!

Mark Wells
Austin Region Deputy State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
Riding with Respect


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